Latest Cytobank Reports:

Methods for discovery and characterization of cell subsets in high dimensional mass cytometry data
Kirsten E. Diggins, P. Brent Ferrell, & Jonathan M. Irish

Methods, May 2015

Characterizing Phenotypes and Signaling Networks of Single Human Cells by Mass Cytometry
Nalin Leelatian , Kirsten E. Diggins , & Jonathan M. Irish

Single cell mass cytometry allows for quantitative measurement of 25-35 features per cells. Here, we present two detailed protocol for mass cytometry analysis. The first protocol detailed a phenotype analysis of single human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). The second protocol, for characterizing 25 signaling node states in a human acute myeloid leukemia cell line. Additionally, manual analysis is compared to unsupervised techniques, which includes bivariate analysis, heatmaps, histogram overlays, SPADE, and viSNE.

Methods in Molecular Biology, November 2015